Sunday, September 29, 2013

Free John & Tarek - Here's how you can help

Help John & Tarek

Who are John & Tarek?

Tarek Loubani is an emergency room medical doctor and assistant professor of emergency medicine at Western University (London, Ontario). He is one of the architects of the Canada-Gaza academic collaboration, a project that has brought doctors from Western to Gaza to train physicians in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS).

John Greyson is a professor at the Department of Film at York University and an award-winning film-maker. He is in the initial stages of working on a film to be produced in the region.

What happened in Egypt?

Two Canadians, Dr. Tarek Loubani and filmmaker John Greyson, were arrested by Egyptian police on Friday, August 16 in Cairo.

They were en route to the Gaza Strip, where they are working on an academic and medical collaboration between the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and the main hospital in the Gaza Strip, the al-Shifa hospital.

John and Tarek arrived in Cairo on August 15 with the intention of traveling to Gaza immediately. Given the volatile situation in Egypt, travel to the border with Gaza was problematic and they delayed their travel plan by one day.

We have heard through sources in Cairo that John and Tarek entered a police station on Friday evening, as they were lost and needed help with directions back to their hotel. At this point they were promptly arrested.  At 4pm Toronto time (10pm Cairo time), Tarek called his primary contact in Canada with the very short message: “we are being arrested by Egyptian police”.

Since their arrest, we have had no contact with either Tarek or John. Canadian consular officials have visited them where they are being held, and we have been told that they are “okay”.

Beyond this, we have currently not been able to confirm their status or condition, or speak to them directly. We are asking Egyptian authorities to release John and Tarek immediately.

We know there are many people eagerly awaiting news and their release, and we will distribute information as we know more.

How can I help?

Check out our “How to Help” page for ideas on how to help Tarek and John’s case.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Stories We Tell (2012) by Sarah Polley - Mockler Micro Review

Highly recommend this documentary by Sarah Polley in which she examines not only a family secret, but also the act of storytelling itself. Even though the documentary explores a subject that involves her directly (the search for her biological father), Polley becomes a fly on the wall of her own story as she interviews family members and friends about a long buried secret, and like the best storytellers, she reveals the most about the complexities of family relationships in what is left unsaid.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Big Snit (1985) by Richard Condie

Here's an old favourite. I saw this movie in high school.